YonYon "Yonyon Day" --The Light, The Water Release Party- Ticket sales start

YonYon "Yonyon no Hi" --The Light, The Water Release Party- ▽ SP Guest 80KIDZ (DJ SET) ▽ LIVE YonYon (4H DJ + LIVE SET) Shin Sakiura SARM ▽ DJ grooveman Spot OWNCEAN (UNA + MATCHA) 2021.4.4 (Sun) Time Out Cafe & Diner, KATA [Ebisu LIQUIDROOM 2F] OPEN / START 17:00pm * Advance ticket 2,500yen + 1drink, ** Advance ticket with T-shirt: 7000yen + 1drink Same-day ticket 3,000yen + 1drink * e + <https //eplus.jp/sf/detail/3396300001-P0030001 > ** Advance ticket with T-shirt ¥ 7000 (shipping fee and drink fee not included) will be sold on the YonYon official fan site. With benefits such as stickers and message cards. For more information, please contact <https://yonyon.bitfan.id>. * Please purchase an advance ticket to secure admission due to the capacity limit of 100 people. * Re-entry is possible / Re-Entry (Drinks and tickets will be charged for each re-entry.) Info: Time Out Cafe & Diner 03-5774-0440 https://www.timeoutcafe.jp ―



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