YonYon announces release of 1st EP "The Light, The Water" on March 24th. In addition, the audience release party "Yonyon no Hi" will be held on April 4th (Sun)!


2021/03/19 18:00


Born in Seoul, YonYon of multi-creators with the background of Tokyo grew up is, 1st EP "The Light, The Water" in 2021 March 24 (Wednesday) has announced that it will deliver release.  

Yon Yon , who has been familiar to a wide range of generations as a DJ and has made the audience dance with an easy-to-listen and edgy sound, started with the music production project "The Link " that connects the Japanese and Korean music scenes , both in Japan and overseas. His first EP " The Light, The Water " was created by sublimating his music career as a singer-songwriter through repeated guest performances with artists.

At Ebisu Time Out Cafe & Diner + KATA To celebrate its release, April 4 (Sunday) to music event "Yon'yon of the Day" will be held. In addition to the 4H DJ + LIVE SET due to YonYon, DJ / Live it has also been scheduled by the guest appearance artists and producers team participating in the EP. On the day of the event, there will be no online distribution, etc. , and the event will be held as a small-group ( about 100 people ) spectator event in accordance with the guidelines for preventing the spread of "new coronavirus" infection. Tickets will be on sale at <Play Guide> from 18:00 today.

In addition, special tickets for fan club members will be sold. Thing to be able to get the Koraboron T of the fashion brand SILAS became orders and end last month "with T-shirts Advance tickets" will be sold in limited quantities. In addition, those who purchase performance tickets via the fan club will receive benefits such as YonYon original stickers and message cards.

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YonYon " The Light, The Water "

2021.03.24 Release

▽ Recorded songs

1. Beautiful Women feat. SARM / prod. Shin Sakiura

2. Bridge / prod. NARISK

3. Paper Plane / prod. Grooveman Spot

4. Capsule feat. Daigo Sakuragi (DAN) / prod. No2zcat, UNE

5. Beautiful Women (Stones Taro Remix) feat. SARM

6. Capsule (Ohnesty Remix) feat. Daigo Sakuragi (DAN)

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YonYon "Yonyon Day"

--The Light, The Water Release Party-

SP Guest



YonYon (4H DJ + LIVE SET)

Shin Sakiura



grooveman Spot



2021.4.4 ( Sun )

Time Out Cafe & Diner, KATA [Ebisu LIQUIDROOM 2F ]

OPEN / START 17:00 pm

* Advance ticket 2,500yen + 1drink ,

** Advance ticket with T- shirt: 7000yen + 1drink

Same-day ticket 3,000yen + 1drink

* e + < https://eplus.jp/sf/detail/3396300001-P0030001 >

** T-shirts with Advance ticket ¥ 7000 (postage, another beverage) will be sold in the YonYon official fan site. With benefits such as stickers and message cards. For details, see < https://yonyon.bitfan.id/events/746   Up to>.

* Please purchase an advance ticket to secure admission due to the capacity limit of 100 people.

* Re-entry is possible / Re-Entry ( Drinks and tickets will be charged for each re-entry )

info : Time Out Cafe & Diner 03-5774-0440 https://www.timeoutcafe.jp



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